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Heatese was on of 5 finalists in this yeas SFA National Small Business Awards, solving problems in innovative ways 

The proprietary heating system developed by founder of Heatese Pat Kiely uses 0.5 litres of oil per hour compared to 2.5 litres an hour used by standard A-rated WWW.SFA.IE/AWARDS

condensing boilers. It is allowing homes, businesses and farms to bring down their heating bills by up to 80%.

“When I was a builder and then a landlord I was struck by how crazy oil bills were and decided there had to be a way to change this,” says Kiely. “I experimented for 13 years and came up with a system that heats the air rather than the metal directly. It works in a completely opposite way to a normal condensing boiler.”

Unlike heat pumps and boilers, Heatese stores a large volume of heated water, so there is no extra cost in relation to preheating. It uses a lower fuel pressure and a smaller nozzle, producing a smaller flame than other systems. This means it uses a lot less fuel than traditional boilers.

The Co Meath based company has fitted 50 of its heating system units since Kiely registered the system with the business standards company BSI just over a year ago. One of its clients was a leisure centre, which had been using around 30 litres of oil an hour to heat its swimming pool.

“Four of our units were installed to heat a 4,000 litre buffer tank. It meant 5-6 litres of oil were being used an hour instead of 30. The system paid for itself within a few months as it brought the oil bill down from €125,000 a year to €39,000 a year.”

Around 60 experienced self employed engineers have now been fully trained up on the Heatese system. They carry out appraisals both before and after the system has been installed and are not fully paid until 30 days after the job is finished, on condition that all is working as it should.

Source: https://www.pressreader.com/ireland/irish-independent/20180222/283235918520195


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