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How do we book an appointment to see HEATESE working in your showroom?

To visit our showroom and see a fully working model of the HEATESE heating system, operating traditional radiators and convector radiators and a hot water cylinder, call us on +353 (46) 994 6616 or email  info@heatese.com

What is involved in retrofitting HEATESE in my property / what do you mean by “plug & play”?

HEATESE comes fully assembled and includes all pumps, valves, electronics and flue. Unlike other heating systems, there is no need to buy these at additional expense. HEATESE comes in a specially designed weatherproof cabinet (or may be installed in a boiler house) and is simply connected to your existing flow and return pipes, cold water feed, and power supply.

I am changing my existing heat pump / boiler. Can HEATESE heat my current radiators? Do I need to change my plumbing?

Yes. HEATESE is capable of heating your existing steel radiators, aluminium radiators, buffer tank or underfloor heating. If your radiators are working there is no need to change anything. We simply disconnect your current boiler or heat pump and connect the plug & play HEATESE system. There is no need to change your existing plumbing.


If you have any questions or comments about the HEATESE system and how it works, please get in contact or fill in our contact form below and we will get right back to you.

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