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The most fuel-efficient Gas & Oil heating system available on the market.

How HEATESE works

HEATESE is the most fuel-efficient Gas & Oil heating system available on the market.

Large storage tank  

Unlike condensing boilers, HEATESE stores 250 litres of water internally in its unique system and because of this it eliminates the cost of pre heating water before use.

Designed to use less energy

The Heatese Heating System uses less fuel than other boilers and uses just 17/18 Kw of energy across all its Gas and Oil range.

Heats surfaces indirectly

Unlike other Gas and Oil boilers, Heatese heats all its surface areas indirectly and because it stores a large mass of water internally and stays constantly warm when used. Eliminates condensation, rust and wear and tear.

The Heatese 17/18KW Heating System can replace an 80KW Gas or Oil Boiler

Heatese uses 6 heat exchangers compare to 2 in condensing boilers.  As a result when Heatese pre heats the water in advance, it uses very little energy to keep the water topped up.  Heatese 17/18kw Gas and Oil heating systems can be installed in multiples in a commercial setting. 

Real-time energy and temperature data

Through our partnership with a world-leading Controls manufacturer, each HEATESE system can be fitted with a pulse meter that relays real-time data about building temperature, water temperature and energy use to a smart mobile or desktop app. Customers then have the power to monitor, control and compare temperatures, energy use and heating bills over a period of hours, days months and years.

Easy “plug and play” system

HEATESE comes fully assembled and tested, which means it brings down the engineering labour cost because it is quick to install.