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“I have been a heating engineer for 47 years. I have seen, at first hand, the new HEATESE heating system in operation.
It will heat a 3-4 bedroom house and its water using as little as 0.50 litre of oil an hour.”


Having now fitted several Heatese Systems to variety of properties both commercial and residential, I can confirm the savings made are typically in excess of 80%.  In one case 2 Heatese units were installed in a 10,000 sqft property with a large swimming pool and 2,000sft of underfloor heating surrounding the pool and leisure area.  The Heatese System replaced a 2 boilers which combined a total of 190kw, these were replaced by 2 Heatese Heating Systems  with a total of 37kw.  With the customer reporting 80% saving in oil usage and running their heating for longer periods of time each day, creating a warmer more comfortable property.   Another example was a commercial property where a single 18kw Heatese Heating System powering 4 commercial convector radiator fans which is now replacing a 250kw oil fired warm air blower.  Again the customer reported running their heating system for longer with in excess of 80% savings over their previous fuel usage.  I have personal experience of numerous installations where very real savings are being achieved and would highly recommend the Heatese product to anyone interested in saving energy.  

John Adams, TCR 

“I have experienced the new heating system produced by HEATESE. It is heating a ​​6,000​ ​sq ft​ house using less​ ​than 1.5 litres of oil per hour”




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