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The #1 energy saving central heating solution

Why Heatese?

There are many reasons why the HEATESE system is the #1 green energy, fuel efficient heating system on the market.


Unparalleled fuel economy

HEATESE uses pioneering energy technology to deliver unseen fuel economy for businesses. In a standard home, HEATESE will use approximately 30c of fuel per hour (based on 60c per litre). An A-rated boiler will use approximately €1.50 of fuel per hour (400% higher hourly cost).

Consistent, steady heat

HEATESE stores a vast amount energy in its storage tank meaning its (optional) convector radiators can provide instant heat when required, even after the system has been switched off.

No additional insulation required

Even if your building has little or no insulation, HEATESE will heat the building effectively and cost efficiently. This is particularly relevant for school buildings and heritage listed structures, where insulation upgrades are not financially viable, logistically challenging or struggle to achieve an A* rating.

Compatible with property refits

HEATESE can heat your working radiators or underfloor heating. Simply disconnect your current boiler or heat pump and connect the “plug & play” HEATESE system. There is no need to change existing plumbing.

No massive chimney flues

Each HEATESE system only requires a 50mm chimney flue because it is so energy efficient; with so little energy leaving the building, large unsightly chimney flues are a thing of the past.

Leave HEATESE on all day for less

You can leave HEATESE on all day and it will still be far more energy efficient and produce less carbon than condensing boilers. In fact, in official trials the HEATESE system delivered five hours of heat for the same energy output as a new condensing boiler produced in one hour.

Easy to install and service

While HEATESE is an advanced energy technology, it is designed for optimal simplicity when in use. Our safe, simple “plug and play” system is easily installed and serviced by a competent and certified Gas & Oil engineer. Our team provides online training for the system’s installation while bespoke training can be arranged at the HEATESE manufacturing facility in Ballivor, Co. Meath, Ireland.

Durable system backed by warranty

With no digital or moving parts, no condensation that can cause rust and practically no wear and tear, HEATESE is designed to be durable, long-lasting and hassle free. Replacement parts are available at most hardware stores or direct from Heatese, meaning there is no waiting period for specialist parts or repairs.

Find out how the advanced HEATESE energy technology works to lower carbon emissions and achieve unmatched fuel economy.