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Welcome to HEATESE, the #1 energy saving central heating solution.

BSI certified advanced energy technology that delivers unmatched fuel economy

HEATESE harnesses innovative energy technology to deliver energy savings of approximately 60% compared to traditional Gas & Oil boiler systems. Manufactured to the highest quality under stringent conditions in Ireland, the HEATESE “plug and play” system is safe and easy to install and delivers unparalleled fuel economy in commercial environments.


Why HEATESE is #1 for central heating: 

  • Unmatched fuel economy
  • Proven data-driven results
  • Uses just 17kw of energy in Gas & Oil heating systems
  • Works with existing radiators, convector radiators and underfloor heating with buffer tanks
  • No temperature drops or irregularities
  • Smart meter reports temperature and energy spend
  • BSI certified, NOx compliant for Gas & Oil
  • Rated A* for energy efficiency
  • Low carbon, environmentally friendly
  • Five-year manufacturer’s warranty


Unlike traditional Gas & Oil boilers, the HEATESE system uses significantly less fuel to achieve ideal indoor temperatures, which translates into huge savings on energy bills. The innovative system stores a large volume of heated water, eliminating the extra cost associated with pre-heating before each use. Find out more.

Need help to finance your HEATESE system?

Finance is available for up to 100% of the cost of purchasing and installing your HEATESE system. With the massive savings you make on your energy bills, your system can be entirely paid for within five years.

Find out more.