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The #1 energy saving central heating solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see HEATESE installed and working?

Visit our showroom to see a working model of the HEATESE heating system, operating with traditional radiators, convector radiators and a hot water cylinder. Call us on +353 (46) 954 6616 or email info@heatese.com to make an appointment.


How can I retrofit HEATESE in my property?

HEATESE comes fully assembled. HEATESE comes in a specially designed weatherproof cabinet (or may be installed in a boiler house) and is simply connected to your existing flow and return pipes, cold water feed and power supply.

What are the key differences between a condensing boiler and the HEATESE system?

Condensing boilers do not store hot water nor pre-heat water. HEATESE pre-heats and stores up to 250 litres of hot water, reducing the energy used to release the water into radiators or underfloor heating at the right temperature. HEATESE is fitted with six heat exchangers compared to two in condensing boilers, and HEATESE is fitted with a 17–18 kilowatt burners for an 80-kilowatt heat plate. These are just some of the features that differentiate HEATESE from traditional condensing boilers and make it the #1 choice for low carbon, fuel efficient heating in commercial environments.

Does HEATESE work for Gas and Oil?

Yes, the exact same HEATESE system works for Gas or Oil fuel.

I am changing my existing boiler. Can HEATESE heat my existing radiators?

Yes, HEATESE can heat your existing steel radiators, aluminium radiators, or underfloor heating with buffer tanks. If your radiators are working there is no need to change your anything. We simply disconnect your current boiler and connect the “plug & play” HEATESE system. There is no need to change your existing plumbing.

Who can install and service my HEATESE system?

Any competent and registered engineer can install, service and repair your HEATESE system.

Does HEATESE come with a warranty?

Yes, HEATESE is backed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.  

Is HEATESE certified?

Yes, HEATESE has achieved the Bureau of International Standard (BIS) quality mark, providing evidence that HEATESE operates at the highest level of ethical, legal and technical standards. HEATESE is also NOx compliant for gas and oil.

Is finance available for the HEATESE system?

Yes, a finance agent can be appointed for up to 100% of your HEATESE system. With energy savings averaging 60%, your total finance can be fully repaid in under five years with the cost savings on your energy bills alone.